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Hd Camera For Car

This Camera is exceptional For backup Camera applications in vehicles with back up Camera features such as a rear view camera, reverse camera, or side view camera, the hd Camera can take 8 photos and 3 videos at 2. 0 ounces while the led Camera means you can use it any time of day or night, this Camera is further water resistant For use in rain or sweat.

Car Hd Camera

The Car hd Camera is a high end, 8-channel Camera that completes the rear view you see in person, with 170 cmos sensors and 8 led night vision leds, this Camera can handle night conditions. The waterproofing allows this Camera to go diving even in water up to 30 overall, the peerless backup Camera For cars. Outputs 170 cmos image quality in reverse, with or without the built-in outputs are powered by an 3-cell battery which imparts a runtime of up to 6 hours, who needs a Camera in the car? If you do, Car rear view backup reverse Camera cmos 8 led hd night vision is an enticing Camera For you. This Car rear view hd Camera parking backup cam is unrivalled For reversing into and parking in your car, this Camera also reverse Camera For when you need to park in the Car while on the road. This Camera is backed by a water resistant technology making it top-of-the-line For lovers cold winter days or during the summer, the dash hd Camera is a backup Camera that can be used in your Car to capture a video or picture when you are leaving the Car and/or while you are driving. This Camera can also be used as a pictures or video Camera to capture pictures or videos when you are driving, the dash hd Camera can be used to see the front and back view of your Car while you are driving.