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Kolibri Hellfire Hd Camera Drone

The Hellfire hd Camera Drone grants an 15 minute flying time and is built with an 2-inch touchscreen display, it offers a built-in k Camera and is able to take fpv videos at 15 minutes flight time. The Drone is in like manner able to be flying with a fpv video stream.

Kolibri Hellfire Hd Camera Drone Ebay

The Hellfire is a high-quality Camera Drone that features a wide-angle lens and 15 mi, distance at which it can record video. It is likewise equipped with a fpv app and can be used to film-opsy or video chat with friends and family, the Hellfire hd Camera Drone provides everything you need to get started in the sky. This beautiful Drone provides an 15 minute flight time and an 30 minute battery life, it also gives a small form factor and effortless to take with you when flying. The Hellfire hd Camera Drone is sensational for beginners or those who ache to start in the sky, the Hellfire is a powerful fpv Camera Drone that's unequaled for shoppers who itch to fly their Drone and take pictures and videos with it. It offers an 15-minute flight time and is equipped with a wide-angle lens and an 8-megapixel sensor, with this camera, you can take beneficial photos and videos with your Drone that can be used to promote your business or product. The Hellfire hd is a new ob-star Drone that grants been designed for the high-end fpv user, it is a high-end hd Camera Drone with a wide-angle view that makes it great for use or other high-end fpv races. The Drone as well point-and-shootable with a high-definition video camera.