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Panavision Genesis Hd Camera

This Genesis hd digital Camera is old but still in first-class condition! Perfect for your film and video needs.

Best Panavision Genesis Hd Camera

This Genesis hd Camera is an old but rare piece! It is a broken but still functioning camera, it is only about 10 years old and offers many of the features of the regular camera. It is an outstanding addition to each enthusiast's collection! This Genesis hd Camera is an old Camera that is still in fantastic condition, it is a broken Camera that imparts been used for movie shoots. The Camera provides a few cuts and dents, but it is still a top-rated camera, it is still able to take top-of-the-heap photos and videos. It is manufactured out of metal and renders a few logo's on it's front face, including the model number and the model number of the camera, the Camera is likewise marked on the front face in small silver numbers. The back of the Camera imparts some minor use, but the digitizer still works and takes excellent video quality, the Genesis hd Camera is again quite basic to work with, especially since it comes with a very low price tag. This Genesis Camera is a broken but still beautiful piece of technology, it comes with a movie feature and a few other features, making it an excellent substitute for video purposes. The Camera also presents a few marks and marks on the front but they are still there, the back is still in best-in-class condition with no marks or damage. This Genesis Camera is a terrific substitute for somebody searching for an old-fashioned storybook camera.