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Pogocam Wearable Hd Camera

If you're scouring for a Camera that can capture beautiful hd video footage, then is a practical choice, is small enough to be taken on a nature walk or travel. It can also record live footage as well as video, make or look alike with friends and family in real time by sharing your footage through.

Pogocam Wearable Hd Camera For Glasses

The is a new Wearable Camera that uses bluetooth to connect to your phone, with the camera, you can take photos and videos with your glasses. The Camera also can last for up to 10 hours on single use battery, the Wearable Camera is a high-end Camera that offers stunning video and photos with unique look and feel. With the new hd quality, this Camera is sure to impress, the Wearable removeable photo hd video Camera sport Camera is a best-in-class tool for keeping in control of your life while in a sport or sporty environment. With its minute-by-minute video capture, this Camera can even help you to control your life when you're on the go, the Wearable hd Camera is outstanding for sport and video capture. With a removeable photo album and video quality that is up to date with the latest tech, the watch is a must-have for any device that wants to capture the latest headlines.